Nimbus Hail Repair Process

We specialize in repairing hail damage on vehicles.

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Damage Occurs

Unfortunately, we live in areas of Canada where adverse weather conditions are just another part of life. The chances of you experiencing a hail storm are pretty high, and if you don’t have a covered place to park your vehicle, chances are it will be affected by hail damage.


Contact Nimbus

If your vehicle has been affected by hail damage, reach out to Nimbus for a quote right away!

You can call us at 1-855-we-fix-hail
(1-855-933-4942), or submit a request for a hail repair quote.



Once you have been given a quote, you will be transferred to your nearest Nimbus location. At Nimbus, we have an expansive network of business partners to provide the most comprehensive coverage area to facilitate convenient hail repairs.


Book Appointment

Once you’re in contact with your nearest Nimbus location, you can book by phone or online through a proprietary booking system called Hail Eazy, configured specifically for hail repair. Estimating, Booking, and Billing have all been fully integrated to make your experience more efficient.



Our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) specialists have the know-how to quickly accomplish high-quality work thanks to years of dedicated training and experience. The PDR method “massages” the dents out of the interior of the panel and results in a smooth finish. When dents are too large or if there are too many of them, the panel might need to be replaced and refinished to pre-accident condition.



Don’t sweat the paperwork; Nimbus uses our paperless billing system from Hail Eezy to make your experience better. We are experts at managing administrative work and will make sure the entire process is headache-free.


Return Vehicle

Finally, the best part—you get your vehicle back, restored to its former glory! We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and can’t wait to get you back on the road.